Jean Gabriel Leynaud

I don't wish to be a Cinematographer one will recognize from a movie to the next. I wish to be able to make images that belong to each film.


Each story has its one style, its techniques. From the lightest HD to 4K or the heaviest 35mm Cinemascope, I love them all. Playing with them like some can play with words or with music is just what I love doing.


Over the years, I had the chance to work on movies that received more than 35 awards from international festivals, and where screened in movie theaters and the main broadcasters all around the world (detailed in Résumé).


I am fully equipped with one of the best cameras on the market the Sony CineAlta F5 (4K up to 240im/s and 16 bit RAW), Leica and Canon lenses and lots of lighting equipment (detailed list in Equipment).


This now quite old show reel still demonstrates the pleasure I had to play with styles and techniques over a few films. It includes commercials, fictions and documentaries.
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